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SERVICES PLANNING Regional, Urban Planning & Urban Design Derived from its deep understanding of “place” and all its surrounding elements, DAR AL  OMRAN developed a planning and design methodology that covers all types and levels of planning services including  regional planning, urban planning, urban regeneration, urban designs and local area planning. The entire planning cycle is covered through its excellent planning services, and passes several detailed steps to reach a solid output. From conception to construction, through initial assessments and early analysis and surveys along with all the required details of physical interventions and design schemes, the firm is keen to provide robust plans and designs that are carefully constructed and delivered through close engagement with stakeholders, intensive evaluation, and monitoring systems. ARCHITECTURE & ENGINEERING Architecture Design Based on DAR AL OMRAN’s architectural design philosophy and Dr. Rasem Badran‘s vision, all projects are constructed to function and shape the local culture and living patterns according to the project type, time and budget. This sensitive approach stimulates architects to realize all the challenges they face and the best way to create places where people can live while enriching their values and belongings. Through extensive knowledge and building research, DAR AL OMRAN aims to inspire Clients with memorable efficient projects using up‐to‐date materials and building analysis software to create a significant environment and a distinguished architectural design that meets the embedded challenges and opportunities of the project and cost and time constraints of the Client. Engineering Design  Having an integrated team of design engineers with structural, electrical and mechanical experience working hand in hand with the architects, DAR AL OMRAN provides different solutions to determine the best engineering design process by using up‐to‐ date design software, different engineering analysis approaches and the latest international and local building codes. DAR AL OMRAN’s Engineering design process is based on three fundamental elements, which are functionality, constructability and cost effectiveness. These targets along with the accumulated experience would guide the engineering team in the design work, to achieve a final optimum design solutions according to the Client’s vision and needs. Interior Design Every interior design project presents a unique opportunity to allow differentiation through the creation of a distinctive and memorable interior design environment, and is experienced through the delivery of an optimum interior design solution where originality and creativity reign supreme. DAR AL OMRAN provides complete consultancy services from interior design, value engineering, and sustainability to site supervision. DAR AL OMRAN’s interior design team selects/ specifies materials, furnishings, fixtures and products that are appropriate for the Client’s project. The team achieves an environment that visually delights the Clients and relates to their needs. DAR AL OMRAN’s Professional interior design team helps determine which design services are right for the Client’s project. The team combines the analysis of social, cultural and spatial influences, which includes affordability, acceptability, sustainability, participation and responsiveness in design. The   designer assembles the necessary team of professionals to take the project to completion. Construction Management & Technical Supervision While holding strong values of integrity and transparency, DAR AL  OMRAN offers among its services Construction Management and Technical Supervision. Using its qualified team of professionals, and distinguished cumulative experience DAR AL OMRAN performance on sites maintains objectivity throughout the entire construction process and guards the interest of all projects’ stakeholders. Through project planning, time   and   cost   control, construction management, contract administration and technical supervisions along with quality assurance and  quality control, a wide variety of large scale projects were carried out using these integrated services through the field of construction industry. ENVIRONMENT & SUSTAINABILITY In line with their culture of safeguarding the environment, they deliver services to a broad base of clients where environmental design, identification of the valued ecosystem components and the assessment of impacts on the environment is vital Waste Management Renewable Energy / Climate Change Environmental Monitoring & Auditing Environmental and Social Assessment & Mitigation Plans Sustainable and Green Design Better energy efficiency, water saving, and better environment are the proper sustainable design solutions that DAR AL  OMRAN provides for owners, consultants and contractors with an effective design cost. The Firm’s team holds a distinguished record of successful projects based on its own inherited design philosophy which emphasizes on local appreciation and building environment adaptation. While maintaining successful membership in local and international green building   councils, the sustainability and green design team of certified professionals are recognized as experts in energy modeling simulation and energy value analysis as they hold international sustainability accreditation such as LEED AP, GSAS CGP, PQP. SPECIALIZED SERVICES Quantity Surveying & Cost Consultancy Following international standards and institutes practices, DAR AL OMRAN’s  Quantity Surveying team delivers project specifications using CSI, NBS while complying with the local format of each country, in addition to contract conditions using FIDIC, World Bank and the local conditions of contract, as well as Bills of Quantities using international Methods of Measurement such as POMI, SMSI, SMM7, CESMM along with local Methods of Measurement. With extensive experience, knowledge and guidance, DAR AL  OMRAN  has  been providing  Cost Consultancy services, which include cost planning, cost control, cost estimating, pricing BOQ, in addition to facilitating contract decisions and procurement orders. Design Review & Verification (DRV) Listening to Clients’ objectives, discussing design documentation and providing feedback regarding the design of proposed projects, is what DAR AL OMRAN’s professional team of experienced architects, urban designers, engineers  and sustainability experts provide in a fully integrated design review for Clients before and during the project construction and through the stages of the design process. Through offering an independent  and objective expert feedback, Clients are allowed to capture all the missing designs and materials as well as addressing proper opportunities  and possible challenges while ensuring all of their projects are compliant with international and local design standards. Thus, increasing project values and contributing in client’s savings in the process. Building Information Modelling (BIM) Real‐time and accurate integrated project design solutions are achieved by improving coordination and collaboration between the architects, engineers, Clients and contractors involved. This helps achieve high performance design by maintaining the same database of information across the whole process of planning, construction and operation of the project.   This   integrated platform is called Building Information Modeling (BIM). Through BIM, DAR AL OMRAN is able to convey a unified project model and ensure all elements and details are harmonious and in synch, which would enhance the production model and provide clients with an accurate cost and timely delivery  Value Engineering Between project cost, reliability and performance, DAR AL OMRAN’s professional team of experienced certified Associate Value Specialists (AVS) are constantly seeking to perform the best functional project balance to improve performance, construction and life‐ cycle costs, thus facilitate the project’s operation and maintenance. Based on SAVE international value methodologies and through project process analysis of functionality and cost standpoint, the multidisciplinary Value Engineering team has delivered   several engineering studies while working with the Client’s design team, to extend the work process and provide clients with suitable  alternative design suggestions, which help develop schedules and construction methods. Risk and Asset Management They are known in the field of sustainable transport systems to provide expert advice on a wide range of projects through planning, analyzing, designing, and supervising for a wide range of Clients. They are proud to have a long and successful track record in. INFRASTRUCTURE & TRANSPORTATION Transport Infrastructure DAR AL OMRAN is known  in  the field of sustainable transport systems to provide expert advice on a wide range of projects through planning , analyzing ,designing ,and supervising for a wide range of Clients . DAR AL OMRAN is proud to have a long and successful track record in. Waste Water Equipped with the know- how which is enriched by their experience, they fervently contribute to the vital field of Wastewater Treatment and Effluent Reuse. This is an essential building block in sustainable development which they contribute to through designing and supervising different systems of Wastewater Treatment Plants in Jordan and abroad. Water Supply DAR AL OMRAN has a vast working experience in the design and supervision of: Water supply systems Water Leakage Detection & Non-revenue Water Treatment & Desalination Storm water Drainage & Flood Protection Dams & Hydraulics Irrigation Systems The spectrum of their record in this field ranges from small-scale networks for residential areas to large-scale projects involving more complicated scenarios of demand, supply and topography. Wastewater Treatment Plant and Sludge Disposal DAR AL OMRAN is known to provide expert advice on a wide range of projects through planning, analyzing, designing, and supervising for a wide range of Clients.
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