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Data & Society is a research institute in New York City that is focused on the social and cultural issues arising from data-centric and automated technologies. The issues that Data & Society seeks to address are complex. The same innovative technologies and sociotechnical practices that are reconfiguring society – enabling novel modes of interaction, new opportunities for knowledge, and disruptive business paradigms – can be abused to invade people’s privacy, provide new tools of discrimination, and harm individuals and communities. To provide frameworks that can help society address emergent tensions, Data & Society is committed to identifying thorny issues at the intersection of technology and society, providing and encouraging research that can ground informed, evidence-based public debates, and building a network of researchers and practitioners who can anticipate issues and offer insight and direction. Data & Society’s programs bring together different perspectives, research methods, and practices. They weave together researchers, entrepreneurs, activists, policy creators, journalists, geeks, and public intellectuals. They see tremendous reciprocal benefits for network building and research when they are combined. The work and well-being of Data & Society is strengthened by the diversity of their network and their differences in background, culture, experience, and much more. They are committed to making certain that a wide array of perspectives are heard and that their research is publicly available. STATEMENT OF INDEPENDENCE Data & Society is an independent, nonprofit 501(c)(3) research institute. They are committed to the independence and autonomy of Data & Society’s initiatives and convenings. They do not accept funding that would affect their ability to pursue work free of external interference, and they fiercely protect the independence of their researchers and fellows in their intellectual activities and individual funding relationships.

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