Design & QC is a legal entity in which scientific research and high-quality work, design and consulting, and engineering, research and monitoring in the field of civil engineering and related disciplines are carried out. Design & QC represents a successful combination of knowledge and experience applied through modern technologies in the fields of research projects and studies, designing of roads and infrastructure facilities, dams for roads and equipment, dimensioning of pavements, expertise in the field of construction structures and roads, consulting and expert control with quality control, control testing of technological phases of construction works, geotechnical, geomechanical, engineering-geological, hydrogeological and geological research, environmental technologies, modern computer technologies and audits in the field of civil engineering, geotechnics and geology. Design & QC disposes of highly-equipped equipment and computer programs for calculating and developing programs, studies, studies and projects, field measurement instruments and equipment for carrying out research and monitoring from the field of activity. Design & QC has successfully implemented over 1000 projects in the field of civil engineering, bridges, tunnels and road construction projects in less than seven years of existence, landslide rehabilitation projects, geotechnical projects and projects, external design projects, projects for over 200 km rehabilitation, reconstruction and rehabilitation highway roads in the FBH, professional and technical supervision on the construction and execution of the motorway on the corridor VC and other construction (construction, traffic and hydro-water) facilities, technical reception of buildings and audits.

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