Diaspora Investments

The USAID "Diaspora Invest" project has created this web site as a means of a simple and comprehensible overview of the activities they are working on in their endeavor to ensure better conditions for linking Bosnian-Herzegovinian communities around the globe with the homeland and allowing them better conditions and new opportunities for investing in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is extremely important for them that supporters and all those involved in their activities understand the values ​​and ideas they are committed to, and that within the scope of what we do, they find the topics that interest them and the specific types of help they need. On this road they are not alone. Every day they work to support the development of a strategic framework for engagement and investment from the diaspora in BiH with domestic institutions at the state, entity and local levels. Without the continued support of the authorities and the essential understanding of the obstacles that potential investors face, they can not overcome the key challenges ahead. However, their work does not end in cooperation with the public sector. They also offer special programs through which they directly influence the increase of direct investments from the diaspora. They provide technical assistance to companies and investors, and through special grant programs they provide the small and medium enterprises with the necessary incentives for realization of planned development activities and innovations. Successful investors and startup companies that pass through their technical support or funding activities have the opportunity to apply for loans that are available through another USAID program. Finally, in this process, it is crucial to ensure lasting links and networking of BiH. Diaspora. They do this on the ground, through the development of a sustainable local platform that will provide services to the diaspora and facilitate the investment process. They are establishing a business investment support center, and in the online space they are working on creating a 'world map' of the diaspora through which they will associate organizations, businesses and professionals. Their project has three components: 1. Support the development of a strategic framework for engagement and investment from diaspora in BiH that would be included in economic development strategies and action plans at all levels of government (states, entities, cantons, municipalities); 2. Increase direct investment from the diaspora through technical support and grants to appropriate small and medium enterprises in the initial phase. Support includes setting up BH. diaspora market and grants program through the selection of business plans that would support innovative and ideas that have a greater potential for development. Project support, besides grants, includes the provision of business advisory services and other technical support. Successful investors and startups will also be able to apply for loans that are available through another, complementary USAID program. Develop a sustainable local platform that will diaspore to provide business services and facilitate the investment process. 3. The project will establish a business center to support investors from the diaspora, create an online business network and conduct promotional activities including the organization of conferences and business meetings of investors from diaspora and potential partners from BiH. Through their direct work with investors, cooperation with their partner organizations "Our perspective" and "Restart", they want to make this project sustainable with tools that will lay the foundations for efficient economic cooperation of the diaspora with Bosnia and Herzegovina. They believe that it is time to take advantage of the potential that this country has and to contribute to its economic development together.
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Company Offices

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