Directorate for Traffic (Montenegro)

The TRAFFIC DIRECTORY was established by the Government of Montenegro Regulation in April 2006 on the basis of the Directorate for State Roads that carried out tasks related to state roads (management, development, construction, reconstruction, maintenance and protection of state roads, participation in the drafting of a strategy, a mid-term program and annual plans, preparation of a call for tender, implementation of the procedure for the assignment of works for the preparation of technical documentation, preparation of financial documentation and monitoring of the expenditure of financial resources, issuing consent for connection and crossing of the state road with roads, railway line, installation of infrastructure facilities on the state road and in the protection zone ; leasing of passenger land, issuing licenses for performing extraordinary transport, crossing, issuing approvals for placing signboards and advertisements, traffic and technical conditions for designing connections to the state road and consent to the developed technical documentation). In addition to these tasks and tasks, the Directorate for Transport has been entrusted with carrying out tasks in the field of road traffic (issuing and abolishing licenses for public transport of passengers and cargo in domestic and international road transport, exchange and granting of licenses obtained for the free transport of passengers in international road transport) as well as management, development, modernization, reconstruction and protection of railway lines in Montenegro. There are four internal organizational units within the Traffic Directorate: Sector for preparation, construction and maintenance of state roads Railway Transport Sector Road traffic sector Department of General Affairs and Finance. In the Directorate for Traffic, 61 positions were systematized, out of which 41 (33 with high qualifications) were filled with the tendency of increasing the number of employees due to the increased volume of work. Since its inception, the Directorate of Traffic has achieved significant results on the maintenance, reconstruction and construction of the road network. The situation on the roads that was extremely poor due to the unfinished road infrastructure, age, loads higher than projected, significantly improved.
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