Directorate General of Family Planning (Bangladesh)

History Bangladesh Family Planning Program evolved through a series of development phases that took place during the last 52 years. Family planning efforts in this country began in the early 1950s with voluntary efforts of a group of social and medical workers. Categorical FP program emerged during 1965-95 with the objective to control population growth as a strategy of economic development. The Family Planning Program in Bangladesh has undergone a number of transitional phases. Vision The vision is to see the peoples healthies, happier and economically productive to make Bangladesh a middle income country by 2021. Mission The mission is to create conditions whereby the people of Bangladesh have the oppertunity to reach and maintain the highest attainable level of health. Goal The goal is to ensure quality and equitable health care for all citizens in Bangladesh by improving access to and utilization of health, population and nutrition services. A number of development activities in other key sectors implemented throughout Bangladesh will contribute to achievement of this goal along with HPNSDP.
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