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Disaster Risk Management and Urban Development Project (Projet de Gestion des Risques de Catastrophes et de Développement Urbain) (PGRC-DU)

PRESENTATION OF PGRC-DU The Government of Niger has obtained from the International Association for Development (IDA) a hundred million US $ credit coupled with a donation from the Least Developed Countries Fund (FPMA) administered by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) US $ 6.65 million to finance the Disaster Risk Management and Urban Development Project (PGRC-DU), in order to reduce the vulnerability of populations exposed to flood risks through an integrated multisectoral approach targeting areas as a priority who were most affected by the 2012 floods, while taking into account the imperatives of community development and capacity building of governance structures at both central and local levels. OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT The project development objective (ODP) is to improve Niger's resilience to natural hazards through (i) disaster risk management interventions at targeted sites; and (ii) strengthening the government's capacities to respond quickly and effectively in crisis or emergency situations. The project falls under Axis 1 "Creating the Conditions for Sustainability of a Balanced and Inclusive Development" of the PDES 2012 -2015 at the Program level (Strengthening and development of adaptive capacities and resilience to climate change) The project is aligned with Axis 3 of the 3N Initiative, namely "Improving the resilience of populations facing climate change, crises and disasters " THE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES aim to: 1. Build capacity in risk and disaster management by improving rural and urban infrastructure. 2. reduce the vulnerability of populations exposed to floods by strengthening the capacities of local institutions. THE EXPECTED RESULTS  ARE: 1. improving the water retention capacity of critical watersheds; 2. the presence of effective water protection, drainage and drainage infrastructures; 3. enhanced capacity of local authorities and communities in terms of urban governance and planning; 4. increased capacity of the National Device for the Prevention and Management of Disasters and Food Crises, local governments and communities in terms of risk and disaster management, including prevention, information, alert and response.
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