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  • Founded2012
ZheJiang Dunhe Foundation(also“Dunhe Foundation”), founded on May 11, 2012, is a grant-making foundation approved and administered by Civil Affairs Department of Zhejiang Government. Dunhe Foundation’s mission is to “promote Chinese culture and human harmony". By adhering to the values of "respecting the Tao and valuing virtue",they have supportedthree main areas--sinology inheritance, charity culture and public welfare. Their aiding strategy is to take sinology inheritance as central task and to make each aiding area integrated with each other, so that they could benefit from mutual support and gain synergetic development. Since 2012, they have sponsored and funded Chinese Sponsor Round Table, China Association of Fund-raising Professionals, Ginkgo Foundation and China Foundation Forum. They have launched and co-constructed three important influential Philanthropic platforms, such as China Global Philanthropy Institute , Cross-cultural Research Institute of Beijing Normal University and FuXing Academy of Zhejiang University. They have launched and carried out several brand projects, such as Seed Fund Program, Activate Program, You-talent Program, Bamboo Fellow Program, DunheGathering, Global Sinology Ceremony. They are also the original donor of West Lake University (also known as “Westlake Institute for Advanced Study”).

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