DWS Alternatives Global Ltd.

Your resource for a changing world Name your challenge: Divergent monetary policies, shifting growth prospects, geopolitical uncertainty, emerging regulatory issues. Each of these factors can have an immediate and significant impact on your portfolio and investment decisions. In this environment, you need an asset manager that thoroughly understands these issues - one that can help manage risk while capitalizing on opportunities. Timely solutions for specific goals Deep resources, a robust global operating platform and decades of experience allow them to create timely solutions to serve specific goals such as yield, absolute return, diversification, real return and currency hedging. From traditional index-based and actively managed strategies, to alternative capabilities, to custom. A dedicated partner Every client - whether an insurance company, pension fund organization, corporation, sovereign wealth fund or Central Bank - presents a unique set of preferences and needs. An off-the-shelf response is rarely satisfactory. Their Global Client Group acts as a dedicated partner to listen, challenge and respond to your concerns. Teaming with their product specialists and investment professionals, they can develop an investment plan custom- tailored to your unique requirements.  In every country, across all investment categories and disciplines, DWS represents a consistently responsive and reliable resource. They are dedicated to pursuing solutions that create lasting value. See how that commitment can work for you.
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • London
  • 1 Appold Street Broadgate