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  • HeadquartersCanada
  • Founded1994
E5 Group serves the needs and priorities of their customers through the provision of critical power products and services, emphasizing excellence in safety, quality and environmental responsibility. VALUES & PHILOSOPHY Strong Values, Impeccable Integrity, Measurable Benefits - E5's Hallmarks of Excellence In designing, manufacturing, building and managing global mission critical systems, their mandate is to be Innovative – Absolute – Emphatically Responsive. They accept that regardless of the challenge or situation, integrity counts for everything. There are no excuses when it comes to managing mission critical infrastructures. That's why E5 provides the world's highest standard in product manufacturing, technical expertise and emergency support services. It is why they work under the governance of availability, reliability, maintainability and sustainability. Why their processes for managing critical timelines and solutions incorporates their business ethics as well as strategic planning and execution. And why they are available every hour of every day throughout the year. They are proud of their recognition as an industry leader, since the real determinant of their success is measured by how their customers benefit from their services and solutions. There is merit in providing unsurpassed mission critical applications that ensure corporations succeed in building and/or sustaining their standards, profitability and growth. BUSINESS ETHICS > E5 Group Business Conduct Guidelines A distinguishing characteristic of a professional firm is the ability to combine ethical standards with the performance of technical skills. The reputation of any organization depends on the conduct of its employees, business partners, suppliers, and shareholders alike. E5 group has established an outstanding reputation for ethical behaviour and has gained the respect and trust of the community. To preserve the reputation they have earned, they have established the highest professional standards for the conduct and practices of all of their operations, standards that reflect their values – the E5 Group Business Conduct Guidelines. It is the responsibility of each E5 Group employee, partner, supplier, and shareholder to exercise sound business judgement and act in ways that are consistent with E5 Group's basic values and principles. Their Business Conduct Guidelines provide an understanding of those responsibilities and help them meet their customer's expectations. The guidelines are purposely broadly stated and are not intended to be a complete tabulation of detailed instructions for every situation. They rely on each person's good judgement with the expectation that they will look beyond the specifics to the intent and spirit of the guidelines. COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT > Committed to the Community E5 Group is a company committed to the community in which they live and do business. Their commitment takes many forms, with special attention to supporting and promoting local causes. They back this philosophy of community investment by providing financial support to community projects and programs. E5 uses the same funding formula that is used for the employee bonus program. The actual amount withheld for community investments is based on meeting several financial targets. When all targets are met, a percentage of E5's net income is put aside for community projects and programs. E5 has adopted, as part of their commitment, the "The Points of Light Foundation - Principles of Excellence." Under these principles, they will: > ACKNOWLEDGE that the corporation's community service involvement and its employee volunteer efforts contribute to the achievement of its business goals; > COMMIT to establish, support and promote an employee volunteer program that encourages the involvement of every employee, and manage the employee volunteer program like any other business function; and > TARGET workplace volunteering at serious social problems in the community.  

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