Earth Protector

Earth Protector is a multi-disciplinary organizaiton that protects the environment and health, and promotes energy conservation and efficiency. (multi-disciplinary means combining learning with expertise) Earth Protector Companies: Earth Protector, Inc., activism and legal action. Earth Protector Fund, Inc., seminars. Earth Protector Licensing Corp., licenses Earth Protector's Inellectual Properties. Earth Protector Telecommunications, produces "The Leslie Davis Earth Protector Show" for cable and webstreaming TV. Earth Protector Foundation For Children (being formed). Earth Protector Scope: Assist communities and individuals confronting pollution problems. Review pollution permits proposed by government agencies. Encourage improved diets and daily exercise. Promote energy conservation and efficiency. Advise politicians and government. Current Work: Repeal Minnesota Statute 144.145 that mandates fluoridation of public drinking water. Promoting the "Money Plan" to build roads and bridges with no taxes or borrowing (loans). Educating about the perils of consuming fructose (corn syrup) and eating wheat. Supporting the Rocky Mountain Institute's "Reinventing Fire" energy proposal. Promoting and assisting energy conservation and efficiency in all buildings and factories. Promoting the Buteyko breathing method to help asthmatics. Opposing sales of fructose (soda) to children in schools. Endorsing spay or neuter of cats and dogs. Ban on the cruel and vicious leghold trap. Opposing landmines world-wide.
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Minneapolis
  • P.O. Box 11688 622 Lowry Avenue North