Earth System Science (ESS)


  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting
  • HeadquartersJapan
  • Founded1991
EARTH SYSTEM SCIENCE(ESS) is offering the comprehensive technologies in natural science with challenging spirits, aiming at the creation and conservation of the friendly and confortable natural environments in the world. [Consulting Services] ・Climbing investigation ・Geophysical exploration   (seismic prospecting, resistivity image profiling, etc.) ・Geological civil engineering   (dam, airport, harbor, tunnel, road, etc.) ・Sabo and disaster prevention investigation   (debris flow, flood, landslide, earthquake, etc.) ・Hydrogeological investigation   (groundwater, surface water, lake, etc.) ・Aerial photo interpretation and topographical analysis ・Business support [Soil and Groundwater Remediation] ・Contamination investigation and assessment ・Remediation work plan ・Groundwater numerical analysis (2D, 3D) ・Innovative remediation technology   (”DOUBLE SEPARATION METHOD”)

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  • Japan (headquarters)
  • Tokyo
  • 7F shinjukumarune Bldg. 1-23-1, Shinjuku-ku