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They are a young Angolan company registered locally with the Ministry of Tourism and pioneering development in the specialist Eco Tourism sector. Their objective is to develop adventure and other related tourism activities within Angola following the theme of “Discover Angola with us”. They value the pristine nature of special bush and beaches and aim to keep them pristine. To many people, Angola consists just of Luanda or maybe one of the other principle cities or towns. The war which ravaged their country and people until very recently has meant that travel outside of urban areas was all but impossible. Today however, it is probably one of the safest African countries to travel around in, albeit retaining more than a few challenging road conditions! The key members of EcoTur have in fact been enjoying travelling throughout much of Angola since the 1980s and before. They are sure that you have already heard that there are many spectacular places to see and enjoy within Angola. It is indeed their rich and breathtaking experiences of enjoying “spectacular Angola” that has driven us to create the conditions for others to enjoy it similarly. Among the special untouched places that Angola offers the African Adventure tourist are such places as the waterfall at Cachoeiras or the magnificent Kalandula Falls, Serra de Leba pass in Huila, 1000’s of kilometres of unspoilt beaches and pristine bush. Activities for the adventurous abound and they include big game fishing (tag and release only) in World Record waters and boats, all manner of watersports in Mussulo Bay or just lazing on the golden sands of the many deserted beaches (for 365 days a year if you have the time!), surfing in the warm waters at Cabo Ledo, birdspotting and visiting game parks to name a few. Their services include – Weekly packages. Bespoke personalised packages. They cater for specific needs such as focusing on some of the special attractions of Angola E.G game-park, bush, beach, city or fishing packages.