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  • Founded2015

Efficiency for Access

Current Efficiency for Access Coalition members have programmes and initiatives spanning three different continents, 26 countries, and 19 key technologies. Efficiency for Access first kicked off in 2015 as a year-long call to action and collaborative effort led by Global LEAP & Sustainable Energy for All. Now, twelve organizations have joined together under a scaled-up Efficiency for Access – a coalition promoting energy efficiency as a potent catalyst in global clean energy access efforts. Coalition programmes aim to scale up markets and reduce prices for super-efficient, off- and weak-grid appropriate products, support technological innovation, and improve sector coordination.  Theory of Change Due in large part to the improved efficacy and cost of the super-efficient LED, the quickly emerging off-grid solar market has delivered energy access to tens of millions of off- and weak-grid households and businesses worldwide. With similar shifts in efficiency and cost, other appliances appropriate for off- and weak-grid settings can enable consumers to reach even higher levels of energy access faster. Energy efficiency enables distributed off-grid and weak-grid renewable energy systems – from solar home systems to renewable micro-grids – to deliver energy services that would otherwise be economically or technically infeasible in resource-constrained settings. When super-efficient appliances are used, the total cost of solar home systems and their associated appliances can be reduced by as much as 50%. The Power of Appliances Appliances deliver critical energy services such as refrigeration, cooling, and communications that improve the lives and incomes of under-served households and communities. The continued development of off-grid and weak-grid renewable energy markets – and continued progress in energy access – is tied to improved availability of well-designed, affordable, highly energy-efficient appliances.
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