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Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbia

About the embassy The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Belgrade is accredited to the territory of the Republic of Serbia. Warning for Czech nationals in need in Serbia The Czech Embassy maintains a permanent twenty-four-hour service in case Czech nationals find themselves in trouble (eg if they have been stolen, lost their documents, had a car accident, etc.). Use this option really only in case of trouble . If you have any common questions, please contact the Consular Section during office hours. EMERGENCY PHONE: +381 / 63/218 616 (when calling from Serbia on 063 218 616) Embassy of the Czech Republic in Serbia The Embassy is located in the city center, across from the Main Post Office and the Constitutional Court, near the City Hall and the National Assembly Foreign development and transformation cooperation In the past decade, the Republic of Serbia has been one of the largest recipients of funds from the government's Czech Foreign Development Cooperation (ZRS) program. In the period from 2002 to 2012, the Government of the Czech Republic, through bilateral development projects alone, donated about 23 million euros to the Republic of Serbia, which (especially in comparison with the new EU member states) ranks it among the most active donors in Serbia, with a share of around 0.6 percent of all donations to date in the Republic of Serbia. Since 2010, according to the new conception of Czech development cooperation, the Republic of Serbia is one of the so-called project countries, which corresponds to both the overall development of Serbia and its gradual progress towards EU membership. Given Serbia's increasing efforts to move closer to the EU, there have also been changes in the Czech government's approach to its development projects in Serbia. Bilateral development cooperation has been expanded to the European dimension and many projects focus, among other things, on the transfer of technical know-how, transfer of experience with the economic transformation process, as well as the provision of the necessary technical assistance related to future EU accession. Currently, projects are still being implemented in sectors that have proven successful in the previous period, ie. healthcare, water supply and utilities, energy, and the SME support sector. In the future, greater importance will be given to the commercial continuity of previously implemented projects, as well as to the broader access of Czech companies and companies to EU-funded projects through IPA funds. In addition to the aforementioned bilateral ZRS projects (comprising about 70 percent of the total ZRS funding), other forms of ZRS are also projects of transformational cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, providing scholarships to students from abroad, projects implemented under the program "Support for development activities of cities and regions in priority countries ”, then the so-called small local projects under the responsibility of the Embassy, ​​projects from the Aid for Trade program, and a number of others. Since 2013, projects under the Development and Economic Cooperation Program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic have been implemented, with the immediate aim of supporting the cooperation of Czech businesses with local partners in developing countries through the transfer of knowledge and modern technologies. More detailed information on the projects can be found on the website of the Czech Development Agency (CRA), which since the beginning of 2008 has been functioning as the implementing agency for new ZRS CR projects. More detailed information on the principles of the ZRS implementation, as well as on all strategic documents of the Czech government regarding this issue, can be found on the website of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Czech Republic's South Moravian Region, through its own initiative and funds, has become involved in helping Serbia, cooperating and financially supporting cities and municipalities from the Šumadija region through its own development projects. One of the two permanent representatives of the South Moravian region in the Kragujevac office is fully committed to economic cooperation. Other cities and municipalities also help in many ways - e.g. Čermna nad Orlici, Hradec Kralove, Valaška Meziričí, etc. Cooperation is also taking place between the Olomouc region and AP Vojvodina in the form of support in strengthening the capacities of local self-government, and more recently between the Usteck region and Banat.
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