Embryyo Technologies

Discover (an unmet need) Keeping keen eyes and ears To appreciate gaps and pain-points in the continuum of care Framing bold hypothesis and pursuing instinctive hunches By asking the right questions, for problems which are not obvious Cutting across clinical domains With intense background clinical research & staying on top of state-of-the-art Empathizing with the end-user With active participation and narratives from advisory clinicians Invent (an appropriate solution) Starting with a product vision Imagining the end-product in the hands of the end-user forms the starting point of all our inventive endeavors Taking quantum jumps and leapfrogs Building on the shoulder of giants, from first principle explorations to challenging the status quo on what could be possible ​Inventions as a 'function of need' Driven from the constraints embedded in the context surrounding the unmet clinical need, such as affordability, ease-of-use necessary, nature of intended use etc. Problem-solution match-making We believe that the best products are born when the problem-solution spaces are tightly coupled - like the strands of a DNA molecule
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Company Offices

  • United States (headquarters)
  • Boston
  • One Boston Place, Suite 2600,
  • India
  • Pune
  • 2, Garuda Heritage D, Ganesh Baug, Shambhu Vihar Society, Aundh