• Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Service Providers
  • Staff6-25
  • Founded1994

Energywise Consulting

  The owners and stakeholders in Energywise have a deep regard for the environment. They believe that the most effective way they can help the planet is to be in the business of providing energy saving solutions that reward their customers financially, operationally and environmentally for the sustainable use of resources. The passion within their heart's to make a difference inspired the establishment of this company. It is their hope that the enthusiasm, professionalism and integrity they bring to their work is an inspiration to those they bdeal with. The essence of their business Wanting to ‘make a difference' has become somewhat a cliché. However they passionately believe in this adage and that if each person and organisation assumed responsibility for the sustainability of their existence, and began to make choices taking into account the whole, then profound changes across society and the environment would occur. The natural order of the world is exquisitely beautiful, however its fragility in the face of mankind's ever expanding footprint is obvious to all who truly care to look - who care enough to stop and feel what is actually happening. Once felt, it is only action that matters. And, in essence, positive and responsible action is what their company is about. Established in 1994 by Nelson Hoover, EnergyWise Consulting first began doing business under the name of Expense Reduction Services as a public utility and telecommunications consulting business. However, as electric and natural gas prices soared, their customers began requesting more assistance on reducing their energy costs. The decision was made to discontinue telecommunications consulting and concentrate on energy and water/sewer. To reflect this change in focus, the name of the business was changed to EnergyWise Consulting in 2008. Services: They review and analyze monthly energy and water/sewer expenses as follows: • Audit for billing errors • Determine proper utility tariff application • Advise and coordinate energy procurement • Prepare useful metrics (i.e. energy use/sf.; $/kBtu; etc) • Compare to industry benchmarks Utilities: • Electric • Natural Gas / LP Gas / Oil • Public Sewer & Water Their goals: • Reduce your costs so that you can operate your business more profitably • Save the environment through wise and responsible use of scarce resources Fee Structure: • Hourly + expenses • Retainer fee Memberships: • Association of Energy Engineers • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers • Lancaster Chamber of Business & Industry • World Energy Solutions Certifications: • Certified Energy Manager • Certified Energy Procurement Professional      
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Company Offices

  • (headquarters)
  • 61 High Street Cranbrook Kent United Kingdom