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  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersSuriname
  • Founded2010
Equal Chances @ Green Development (EC@GD) is a non-profit organization with a particular purpose. Founded in 2010, they enable their partners to harness the power of collaborative efforts to access opportunities to achieve their green development potential and make the world a better place. They build partnerships, share knowledge, and design tools to make livelihoods more sustainable and beneficial for everyone. They connect people and help communities, businesses and organizations to develop the tools and relationships they need to build a better future. EQ@GD has several senior advisors and regional experts. The organization is engaged in several projects with multinational organizations such as the Small Grants Programme, Global Environmental Facility and Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture, Caribbean Development Bank. Equal Chances @ Green Development (EC@GD) has a range of time-tested tools that are universally applicable throughout their projects, which are being adapted to best reflect the diversity of the people and places they serve. They specialize in developing customized solutions in a collaborative and participatory manner. This approach ensures that the solutions are demand-driven and ownership of the selected strategies. Participation helps stakeholders to build and sustain the character of their practical solutions by leveraging their strengths and knowledge to respond to challenges and opportunities.  Their pioneering approach is designed to bring about realistic and tangible results, by asking the right questions, helping to frame solutions, and building the systems that result in on-going learning and adaptation. They believe that: -Sustainability is a journey, to be traveled together. -Collectively they have all the answers. -Utilizing their competitive advantage starts with a sense of pride in their accomplishments and believe in their potential. -Engagement, Education and the setting of Common Goals will influence positive behavior. -Aiming for sustainability does not guarantee success, but being unsustainable guarantees failure. -Doing nothing is not a strategy. Mission and values: EC@GD harnesses the power of collaboration to enrich people’s lives, strengthen communities, and conserve natural resources, culture and heritage. Their core values include: 1. An integrated approach Their time-tested methodology helps their partners understand their economic, environmental and social performance, make better decisions, implement interventions that matter, and tell their stories. 2. A portfolio of practical tools Their sustainability management tools and educational curriculum ensure that their partners are equipped to make change happen, and sustain it, while adapting to ever-changing realities. 3. High-impact collaboration Their approach and networks bring together leaders and change agents to collaborate, learn from each other, and advance the dialogue around sustainability beyond business as usual. EC@GD harnesses the power of collaboration to enrich people’s lives, strengthen communities, and conserve natural resources, culture and heritage. Their core values include: Partnership focus EC@GD sets high standards for itself and focuses on exceeding its partners’ expectations. By providing the best long-term solutions for clients, they consistently maximize stakeholder return on investment. Collaboration EC@GD works to create mutual respect, trust, local pride and project ownership through genuine collaboration. Thorough stakeholder mapping and deep engagement is their primary goal with any project they undertake. Integration EC@GD takes an integrated multi-disciplinary approach to development. This involves an in-depth understanding of the social and economic issues, constraints and opportunities of the relevant sector. Capacity-building EC@GD believes that it is critical to build local capacity to internalize approaches and tools delivered as part of their projects. Raising awareness and knowledge transfer are therefor central elements of their approach.

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