• Organization TypeWorks & Construction, Service Providers
  • Staff51-100
  • HeadquartersSerbia
  • Founded2003

EuroCons Group

The Company EUROCONS GROUP is the regional leader in the field of industrial engineering, design and innovative technologies. It offers superior technology solutions in the field of CLEANROOM technology and other industrial areas.  The principal activities are consulting, engineering and representation of leading multinational companies.  EuroCons Group was registered by Goran Djuric, Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, on 30th September 2003 in Vrsac.  Ambitiously and with utmost competence, he followed his vision of developing a small firm in to a system capable of realization of projects on a “turnkey” basis, from consulting, design, and construction, through installation of equipment produced by renowned manufacturers, to commissioning, servicing and after-sales support. Therefore investments were made, with constant work on expanding business activities in order to achieve the goal.  The company now ranks among the leaders in creating, designing and implementing the most advanced process solutions and the improvement of overall business. The year 2006 remains recorded as a crucial year of development for EuroCons Group.  By acquiring the firm “BIRO PLUS”, which has more than 60 years of working experience and great references, the problem of designing complex industrial facilities was solved. By establishing the company “DARNICO”, a solid foundation for installation, service and construction works was made.  The validation of completed projects in manufacturing processes was also solved in 2006. By founding the company “LAB PROVA” in Belgrade, a professional classification of “CLEANROOMs” was taken over by a professional laboratory team.  From 2003 the company EuroCons Group has grown into a system with five subsidiaries specialized for specific engineering businesses, with over 3,000 square meters of modernly equipped office and warehouse space owned. The company has over 70 employees, mostly highly educated, 25 of which are engineers of various profiles, while professional staff consists of experts with extensive experience in production, maintenance, designing and project management.  Starting as a “link that connects”, today the company EuroCons Group offers the latest technological solutions and projects, making its mark as an indispensable participant and partner in the development of new technologies and their implementation in the most sophisticated industrial fields, with consistent tendency to improve and grow.  MISSION  They live in a time of rapid technological progress. In EuroCons Group, they aim to be a company that makes a real contribution to the implementation of the latest technological solutions, primarily in the field of CLEANROOM technology, but in the other industrial fields, as well.  They strive to be a true partner to the global leaders, but also to become a global partner ourselves and a support to the business systems and firms in the country and in the region. They constantly improve their knowledge so that they can always react constructively within the technological, financial and time limits, in order to optimize the system solutions, always taking into account the protection of both working and living environment.  VISION  They were a “link that connects”. Today they efficiently offer state of the art technological solutions and projects.  They aspire to become an indispensable participant and partner in the development of new technologies and their implementation within the most sophisticated industry fields. Their goal is to enter the ranks of leaders in creating, designing and introducing the solutions of highest quality and improvement of overall business. They put their knowledge, innovativeness and influence to the service of efficient use of engineering technologies to the satisfaction of process bearers and users of products and services.  Therefore, they constantly improve their efficiency and they raise the quality of their work to a higher level. they operate constructively, provide reliability and nurture mutual trust with their partners and clients. They tend to make their team the role model of dedication to constant technological development that is shaping the future for general welfare. 
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Company Offices

  • Serbia (headquarters)
  • Vrsac
  • Sterijina 19