• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Staff101-250
  • Development Budget5 Million - 25 Million
  • HeadquartersSpain
EUROCONSULT, a Spanish engineering consultancy with over 38 years experience, operates in the areas of Comprehensive Quality Control and Technical Assistance for all types of construction in the fields of architecture and engineering, both for the government to private companies. Since its inception, EUROCONSULT has gradually expanded its portfolio of services and its revenues. Accordingly, also stresses the growth of team that is integrated in the various subsidiaries which has EUROCONSULT distributed throughout most regions (Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y Leon, Catalonia, Galicia, north and Levante), in order to offer Local and Regional Authorities, as well as companies in the service area more personal. EUROCONSULT is totally independent and not linked to any company construction, construction materials manufacturer or financial group, which ensures complete freedom of action without other conditions than those associated with the service providing technical and customer interest. With 450 employees and 39 million of revenue (2011), the group EUROCONSULT is a provider of consulting engineering in civil engineering and building leaders in the Spanish market. 're also one of the world leaders in road and highway pavement Services studies with customers in France, Germany, Poland, Mexico and Brazil. In this field we have pioneered many innovations that have become industry standards. Our main clients are government, construction and concessionaires multinational and multilateral organizations such as the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).  ACTIVITIES Building We control project implementation, monitor developments, and secure building with ten-year warranty (OCT). Our long experience and professional methodology and Technical Control Agency has made us as assessed by OCT UNESPA Full classification, i.e. for any type of work to effect the Law 38/1999 of Construction Planning. Specializations: Department of Airports Urban development Department Analysis of Foundations Structures Facilities Pathologies Control Works O.C.T. Acoustic New technologies, including automation and solar energy Infrastructure  We provide direct technical support to our customers in the civil works and services in carrying out quality control inspection. The functional organization of the Department of Infrastructure is: Highway Department Railway Department Tramways Department Department of Water and Environment Underground Works Department Department of Civil Engineering Survey Department Special Services Quality Control Geotechnical Studies Area specializing in geotechnical, geological, and hydrogeological studies for various government, private companies and professionals, in order to cover all the needs of building and civil works, from the initial study phase prior to implementation Geotechnical Area Activities: Quality Control Geophysics Use of Materials Studies Valuation of Land Skills Pathologic analysis Soil Contamination Geological and Geotechnical Studies Geotechnical Auscultation Technical Assistance, Monitoring and Instrumentation Industry Foundation Hydrogeological and Environmental Studies  The Specialized Technical EUROCONSULT Cabinet consists of professionals with proven expertise and have the test rig and equipment plus Geotechnical Laboratory Accreditation. Laboratories The activity of EUROCONSULT’s independent laboratories dates from 1969 and focuses on quality control of building materials, construction, characterization tests for waters (sewage, surface, consumption), geotechnical testing of soils (characterization) and pollution soil. Our facilities are located in Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia, Cantabria, Castilla y Leon, Basque Country, Castilla La Mancha, as well as others located on site. EUROCONSULT laboratories have 35 accreditations in different areas and with 4 ENAC, 3 Central Laboratory of Madrid (ENAC Concrete, Cement & Ballast) with reach to 67 trials and one in Seville for Concrete, which covers regulations for 5 trials. Among the different types of tests highlighted include steel, concrete, soil, cement, finishes, plywood, water and environment, ballast, paint, horizontal and vertical signage. The more than 560,000 tests carried out each year give a sample analysis capabilities of our laboratories.

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Company Offices
  • Spain (headquarters)
  • Madrid
  • Avenida Camino de lo Cortao, 17
  • Portugal
  • Estrada Nacional, 124 Monchique Malheiro 8500 Portimao
  • Portugal
  • Estrada Nacional, 124 Monchique Malheiro 8500 Portimao
  • Spain
  • Barrio Rubo s/n Polígono la Helguera 39478 Boo de Piélagos (Santander)
  • Spain
  • Vía Pasteur 34 Polígono del Tambre 15890 Santiago de Compostela
  • Spain
  • Poligono Erletxe Calle B, Pabellón 8A 48960 Galdakao (Bizkaia)
  • Spain
  • Avda. de la Cornisa, 1 - 2º 08690 Santa Coloma de Cervellò (Barcelona)
  • Spain
  • Avda. de la Juventud, 24, Portal 1, 1ºA 05003 Ávila
  • Spain
  • C/ Topacio, 2 - Edificio Reina Isabel, Planta 2ºD 47012 Valladolid
  • Spain
  • C/ Salto del Caballo 3, 2ª Planta - Oficina 2 45003 Toledo
  • Spain
  • C/ Eras del Cerrillo, 23 13004 Ciudad Real
  • Spain
  • C/ Fiscal Luis Portero García 3, Bq. 5 planta 2-521 29010 Málaga
  • Spain
  • C/ Pino Central, 46 41016 Sevilla
  • Spain
  • C/ Rodo, 9 09006 Barriada de Villatoro
  • Spain
  • Avda. Hermanos Bou, 171 12100 Castellón
  • Spain
  • Polígono de los Villares de la Reina Calzada de Castellanos 30 37184 Salamanca
  • Spain
  • Carretera N-420 PK 583,800 Apdo de Correos 19 44003 Teruel


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