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ERAC (European and Regional Affairs Consultants) is consulting more than twenty years of experience in designing, developing, implementing and assessing often complex collaborative projects. If consultancy is ERAC able to explore innovative concepts and creative ideas into commercial successes, scientific progress and sustainable partnership. Their expertise is often requested by developments in economic and social importance. Where they advise and assist the parties in the Triple Helix. They bring the parties together and help you take advantage of the funding opportunities from among more Europe. They are, inter alia, employed in: Agriculture Job market Durability Energy Innovation leisure Life Sciences & Healthcare Mobility Smart Industry Urban Development Their mission Their core mission is regional development in the European context. ERAC advises and assists governments, research institutions and companies in achieving their economic and social goals. Their vision: to develop + interaction = impact They are working on development with impact on society. Impact which often begins with an innovative idea, and where knowledge, expertise and resources from different parties are needed to be able to be realized. By creating the right (prerequisite), finding the right project partners and tapping the right sources, they help in this process. This allows you to focus on development and interaction, the result is more than the sum of its parts: real impact! Corporate Social Responsibility Passion for the world around us! Their work is to help fulfill ambitions. Help to implement projects such as research or to be co-initiator of international cooperation. Not remote, but passionate partner concerned. However, beyond the assignments only the eye for social interest goes. Sustainable and fair world If inspiration is CSR Netherlands. This organization believes in the power of business to contribute to sustainable and equitable world. In the vision of CSR Netherlands and the businesses play a key role in achieving resilient and happy people (people), a rich natural environment (planet) and a healthy economy (profit). Their responsibilities Because their mission is to bring together the parties together and change. They hold as an organization take into account the significance of ERAC for the world around us and think about their responsibilities that go beyond financial gain. This includes such things as ensuring minimal environmental impact by restricting the use of paper, lowering energy consumption and the choice of company cars and their use. Finally, the relationship with the Foundation Luanda Jinja under CSR. Luanda Jinja Foundation carries out projects related to regional and local development, but in a very different development and prosperity.

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