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  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Investment & Finance
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1922
Founded in 1922, The history of Evensen Dodge began when the firm was founded in 1922 under the name of T G Evensen & Associates Inc. The firm assisted governments in obtaining infrastructure financing from the capital markets and provided related financial services. The firm was the first independent financial advisory firm to serve state and local governments in the United States. Regional Expansion. After World War II ended T G Evensen & Associates began its growth by expanding its geographic market beyond Minnesota and providing financial services to clients in other states in the Midwest. Continuous Introduction of Innovative Solutions. In the early 1970’s, T G Evensen & Associates became the first independent financial advisory firm to structure refunding programs and to verify refunding programs for clients throughout the United States. Dodge Inc Acquires Firm. In 1975 Dodge Inc acquired the historic T G Evensen & Associates Inc and changed the name of the firm to Evensen Dodge Inc. Homer B Dodge President and Chief Executive Officer of T G Evensen & Associates continued as President and CEO of Evensen Dodge Inc. New Housing Expertise. In the late 1970’s Evensen Dodge became the first independent financial advisory firm to structure housing programs and to provide verifications for housing programs to clients throughout the United States. Multidiscipline Services. In the 1980’s The Dodge Group added new services and formed two new corporations. Evensen Dodge Investment Advisors Inc and Evensen Dodge Leasing Corporation were founded to expand services and to better serve our expanding client base. A New Century a New Frontier. The Dodge Group began exploring opportunities in the international market at the onset of the twenty first century. After more than two years of research, developing relationships, extensive international travel, studying sovereign government structures and international capital markets and speaking at international conferences, we began working with sovereign and sub-sovereign governments internationally. Evensen Dodge International Inc Is Founded. On January 2, 2002, the eightieth anniversary of serving state and local governments in the United States, the Dodge Group founded Evensen Dodge International Inc. Homer B Dodge was elected president and chief executive officer of Evensen Dodge International. The firm began to work with federal agencies, multilateral banks and to serve sovereign and sub sovereign governments. Evensen Dodge International is now the first independent financial advisory firm to serve sovereign and sub-sovereign governments internationally. Global Expansion. EDI has become an active player in the international community. It is participating in the world capital markets, continuously researching and introducing innovative financial solutions and models to assist national authorities, local governments and public corporations to finance their infrastructure needs in a sound and effective manner saving millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money. Services Overview Their Clients are State Owned Enterprises (SOE), National and Subnational Governments and Authorities, PPP Developers. As financial advisors, Evensen Dodge International (EDI) works in a day-to-day basis with the firm’s clients, making sure that their requirements and their short and long-term financial goals are interrelated. They take pride in preparing financial strategies and plans; preparing and analyzing financial engineering programs; developing alternatives to achieve even better credit ratings; obtaining financing; representing their clients in negotiating with underwriting firms, credit rating agencies, bond counsel, trustee holders, and other service providers; and in developing financial instruments, structures and models, among rendering other financial advisory services. They assist their clients in: Assessing the Country Conditions for Private Financing of Infrastructure. Preparing Adequate Legal Framework. Implementing Bond Issuance and Syndicated Bank Loan Financing. Structuring Financing for New Infrastructure. Implementing Debt Refinancing and Restructuring. Implementing Sale Lease Back Financing. Implementing Infrastructure Equity Investment. Structuring Public Private Partnership Financing. Implementing Privatizations. Providing turn-key assistance to foreign investors.

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