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  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersPhilippines
  • Founded2011
Fairplay is a group of people who believe that when we provide opportunities to the poorest among us, they will flourish, excel, and innovate. We believe that it is unfair for a child’s opportunities and future to be determined by where they were born. We also believe it is possible to change that path and ultimately create a better world. Fairplay looks to solve the problem, to break the vicious cycle. In its place, to create better problems and a new virtuous cycle. In the slums, this cannot be done in any single area alone. The best education is undermined by chronic malnourishment and a lack of access to livelihood, the best nourishment is undermined by a lack of livelihood and lack of quality education, and all areas of life intersect and undermine one another. This is what Fairplay means by leveling the playing field. To turn a cycle from vicious to virtuous, every aspect of the field needs to be raised together. This is why Fairplay runs the Fairplay School, the Fairplay Café, and the Payatas Sports Center; as means towards leveling the playing field. Fairplay has shown remarkable progress and the kids they work with have shown that when given the opportunity they can become some of the best in the entire country at what they do. Whether that’s some of our girls being called up for the National Youth Football Team, affordable and healthy food from the Café, or completely illiterate teenagers learning to read and write and excel academically, there is much that can be accomplished together.

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