Federal Ministry of Physical Planning (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

About    The Federal Ministry of Physical Planning in its present form has existed since 2006, when the Law on Federal Ministries and other bodies of the federal administration implemented the reorganization of the Federal Ministries. Until then, within the Federal Ministry of Physical Planning, there was also the Environment sector.   In its present form, the Ministry has focused on the basic activities related to spatial planning of the Federation, land use at the federal level, long-term planning for the exploitation of natural resources, and the protection of national monuments and areas of distinct natural architectural and cultural-historical importance. More information on the Ministry's missions can be found here.   To accomplish these missions, the Ministry is organized into four sectors whose schematic view of the organization can be seen here. Clicking on the individual parts of the scheme shows a brief description of the activities of the respective organizational unit.
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Company Offices

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (headquarters)
  • Sarajevo
  • Sarajevo, HAMDIJE ĆEMERLIĆA 2,