EXCITING NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN PROGRESS… WILL BE SHARING WITH YOU SOON! FEEDING, EDUCATION and COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Having successfully achieved an ambitious series of goals over the past years, they are now recalibrating their objectives and evolving their agenda from SURVIVE TO THRIVE. To date, FEED SA feeds around 6 500 people a day and has successfully set up around 35 crèches in the townships, feeding schemes and classroom set up and renovations. We are confident and satisfied that these crèches are all now self -sustaining and operating at their highest potential. Their beneficiaries range from crèches to after school programmes, community centres, two homes for the mentally and physically challenged, a hospice, and meals for bed ridden and elderly citizens. They have completed various building and renovation projects, including the installation of toilets and ablution, kitchens, classrooms and many other much needed ‘areas of attention’. FEED SA is now shifting focus, concentrating on higher education (scholarships, bursaries and vocational education)– and offering funding for schooling and University for those students who get excellent grades, but to not have the resources to thrive – and to Community Development. They will be offering skills development courses, mentorships, and all other assistance pertaining to the relevant projects. AS THEY CONTINUE TO FEED HEARTS, MINDS AND TUMMIES! 75% of the funds in the FEED SA account are used for the Feeding, Education and Community Development projects.
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