• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
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  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded2014

Fishing Cat Conservancy (Wildlife Conservation Network)

Fishing cats are native to wetlands, rivers, and mangrove forests in South and Southeast Asia. They prey primarily on fish and crustaceans. Like many other rare species, not much is known about fishing cats in the wild. They are threatened by habitat destruction, poaching, and a lack of awareness throughout much of their range. Mangroves, which are prime habitat for fishing cats, provide local people with nurseries for fish and protect entire communities from storm surges. However, many mangroves where fishing cats live are quickly being lost to deforestation and aquaculture. They are educating and empowering local communities to study, protect and restore habitat for this vulnerable cat and its globally important mangrove habitat in their backyards. Mission The mission of Fishing Cat Conservancy is to promote the long-term survival of fishing cats in the wild through public education, capacity-building, and community-based research and conservation. Their programs are centered around education and capacity-building to enhance citizen involvement and stewardship in wildlife conservation. They function with an open-access, science-based conservation philosophy, and share knowledge with everyone dependent on, invested in, and interested in wildlife conservation. A majority of their work's focus is on areas outside protected areas where conflicts and the potential for conservation are higher than inside already established protected areas.  
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Save the Elephants and Bees Project in Kenya

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Community-based Conservation of Fishing Cats

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