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Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation (FCBCP)

The Florida Coalition on Black Civic Participation (FCBCP) assists in developing the communities they serve to reach their highest potential and by expanding their programs in other counties within the State of Florida.  FCBCP ensures their participants the educational advancement, economic security, health and wellness, education and global empowerment, with a special emphasis on Black women and girls, enabling their participants to become positive productive citizens and self-sufficient. FCBCP provides charitable educational and other community service outreach programs that are open to the general public. Their primary focus is to empower underserved communities via educational activities in the areas of education, health, wealth, and voter education. They identify challenging problems and situations within the communities they serve, along with the need to resolve those challenges by presenting the most practical approach. They continue to provide charitable educational workshops, roundtable forums and other community service outreach projects to the general public through activities for the ultimate result of social reform. Their collaboration with other grassroots community organizations and well-known television celebrities and personalities has proven very effective in moving their programs throughout the State of Florida.  FCBCP is an affiliate of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation. Discussing topics such as: - Healthy, Wealth, Wise - Sister Can We Talk - The Heart of the Matter - Why Court Matters - Automatic Rights and Restoration - You’re Worth the Dollar - Employment vs. Entrepreneurship - Lead or Follow Needy families and individuals in their community live without proper food, shelter and essential medical care every day due to variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illnesses, domestic violence, substance abuse, or marriage separation. While all of them are susceptible to hard times, women, youth and the elders are at the high risk and make up the largest number of clients they serve.  Since quite a few years, they have been providing hundreds of individuals in their community with free access to counseling, after-school tutoring, mentoring, food, medical care and financial management. FCBCP conducted GOTV and voter empowerment efforts throughout the state in Brevard, Broward, Volusia, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Orange Counties. FCBCP  contacted over 13,000 households in 2008 through phone banking and canvassing with several partners, including churches, the labor community, Black immigrants, Black fraternities and sororities, and 100 volunteers. The Coalition had Election Day volunteers provided by PFAWF from as far away as Brazil, where they gave rides to polls and held an Election Day watch party. Beyond Unity '08, the Florida Coalition is working on other issues that impact the community, such as Census 2010, healthcare reform, election monitoring and voting rights, and the Employee Free Choice Act. It continues to reach out to people who have not been asked to come to the table and be a part of civic participation movement, including young people and immigrant communities. They will not only help change their communities for the better, but empower themselves while they impact other people lives when they engage in civic participation activities. The National Coalition has served as an effective convener and facilitator at the local, state and national levels of efforts to address the disenfranchisement of underserved and other marginalized communities through civic engagement including: • Non-Partisan Voter Empowerment Organizing and Training  • Young Adult Civic Leadership Development  • Promoting Women's Health, Wellness and Girls Issues  • Grassroots organizing and issue education  • Disaster recovery and rebuilding Initiatives for Katrina- Rita survivors in the Gulf Coast  They have included, as part of their Community Service Outreach programs, giving assist to local community based non-profit organizations when they seek their assistance with their activities that are in line with their educational and charitable purposes. Approximately 10% of their time and resources are allocated to their community service outreach programs.  FCBCP’s Community Service Outreach programs includes: their annual “Disability Spring Fling” event where they provide a day of fun from donations for the disabled youth of the community at no cost to the participant. Mission The Florida Coalition strives to create an enlightened community by building institutional capacity at both the national and local levels that provides and develops African American leadership. By educating, organizing and mobilizing citizens in their communities, the Coalition seeks to encourage full participation in a barrier-free democracy. Through educational programs and leadership training, the Coalition works to expand, strengthen and empower their communities to make voting and civic participation a cultural responsibility and tradition. Vision The Florida Coalition envisions a nation in which all people, from youth to seniors, have the tools to participate fully in the democratic process at the local, state, national and global levels. By continuing to lead the fight to eliminate barriers to civic participation, the Coalition will promote greater social and economic justice to enhance the quality of African American life.  
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