• Organization TypeImplementing NGO
  • Founded2018

Fond Investigatívnej Zurnalistiky (FIZ)

TITLE Investigative Journalism Fund at the Open Society Foundation (FIŽ) (hereinafter referred to as the  "Investigative Journalism Fund"  or  "FIŽ" ) ESTABLISHMENT OF FIJ The Investigative Journalism Fund is being set up in direct response to the tragic events of February 2018 in the Slovak Republic. The assassination of investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancée Martina Kušnírová fully revealed the importance and vulnerability of this demanding profession. The long-standing failure of democratic institutions, key to the rule of law, urges the need to support investigative journalism. The Fund of Investigative Journalism is established as an initiative of the Council of the Journalist Award competition and is a part of the Journalist Award project. OBJECTIVE OF THE FIELD The aim of FIŽ is to collect funds from various natural and legal persons operating in the territory of the Slovak Republic, as well as abroad, for the purpose of subsequent use to support activities in accordance with the mission of FIŽ. FIŽ also aims to support investigative journalism and the appreciation of investigative work. The objectives of the fund are achieved primarily through the awarding of grants, the awarding of FIŽ prizes and the implementation of activities in accordance with the mission of FIŽ. FIŽ appreciates and supports investigative journalistic work that respects ethical standards, taking into account the social significance, professionalism and impact of the work. OBTAINING RESOURCES TO THE FIELD FIŽ funds are obtained in particular: a) in the form of contributions from natural and legal persons, b) as a gift from other natural and legal persons. The conditions for accepting gifts are regulated by the Directive on the acceptance of gifts from FIŽ. USE OF FIZ RESOURCES The resources of the FIZ may be used only for the purpose for which the FIZ was created and to cover expenses (costs) for its administration. Expenditure on the administration of FIŽ may not exceed 10% of all contributions received to FIŽ. The FIŽ budget is approved annually by the Council of the Journalist Award competition no later than 30 September of the relevant calendar year. The draft budget of FIŽ is prepared by the employees of the Open Society Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”). FIŽ funds are deposited in a separate account. Interest earned on FIŽ funds deposited in a separate account becomes the property of FIŽ and will be used to achieve the purpose of FIŽ. FIŽ's activities are carried out directly by the Foundation, including financial transactions for these activities, on the basis of the budget approved by the Council for the Journalist Award and on the basis of the proposal of the Council for the Journalist Award on the use of the obtained funds. Funds, both monetary and non-monetary, as well as other values ​​that will be provided to the Beneficiary by FIŽ, become the sole property of the Beneficiary after fulfilling the conditions defined in the specific Agreement on the provision of funds from FIŽ and the Foundation will not claim claims for such funds. . FIŽ ADMINISTRATION The Investigative Journalism Fund is administered year-round by the Council of the Journalist Award (hereinafter referred to as the “Council”), which meets as required. Membership in the Council is honorary. The powers of the Council include in particular: approves the statute of the FIZ and its possible changes, announces grant rounds and their focus, proposes and approves the Selection Committee by voting, which decides on the support of projects submitted to the FIŽ grant rounds, oversees the transparent and efficient use of FIŽ funds, acts as a jury in deciding on the award of Prizes to the Investigative Journalism Fund, decides on complaints and conflicts of interest, notes the information on the work and results of the FIŽ provided to it by the Selection Committee and the staff of the Foundation, decides on the enlargement or narrowing of the Council, proposes to the Board of Trustees of the Foundation the abolition of FIŽ. The members of the Fund Board are elected according to the valid statute of the Journalist Award competition. The first members of the Fund Board are: Štefan Frimmer, Slovenská sporiteľňa, Marián Leško, Let's Stop Corruption Foundation, ESET Foundation, Zuzana Kušová, MAYER / McCANN-ERICKSON, Rasťo Kužel, MEMO 98, Valéria Polovková, NEWTON Media, Eva Pauliaková, Association of Print Publishers, Alena Pániková, independent expert, Ľubica Stanek, Open Society Foundation, Ján Orlovský, Open Society Foundation. The quorum of the Council is the presence of an absolute majority of all members of the Council. The Council shall act by a simple majority of all its members.
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