Fondation H&B Agerup

They believe that an important success factor is that every project the Foundation gets involved in remains in the scope of their competencies and is understandable. For that reason, the Foundation focuses on initiatives related to health. This allows for a rigorous evaluation and for the Foundation to be able to contribute, when applicable, in a non-monetary way. The projects should be well defined and have an established, realistic, and concrete plan with measurable objectives. They favor projects with an entrepreneurial edge that have a novel, innovative approach to solving problems and move forward. The Foundation’s involvement is generally long-term over 2 to 5 years. Fondation H&B Agerup partners with well-established foundations and organizations that have documented experience in the field. The philosophy is to be a dedicated and involved partner. To be able to do so, they focus on a small number of projects at once. They believe that flexibility and unconventional solutions is key to finding effective solutions and achieving their goals within a set time frame. The Foundation strongly advocates the search for synergies in their partnerships as well as in execution in order to gain knowledge, time, and reduce costs. The Founders are: Mrs and Mr Helen & Bengt Agerup Fondation H&B Agerup Board: Mrs Helen Agerup, CH (Chairman) MD PhD Anders Milton, SW (Member) FCA Khosrow Shahabi, CA (Member) Mr Jacques-Antoine Ormond, CH (Member) Ms Anna Louise Agerup, CH (Associated)
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Company Offices

  • Switzerland (headquarters)
  • Geneve
  • 2, rue Thalberg 1201 Geneva – Switzerland