Fondazione Giuseppe Di Vittorio


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  • HeadquartersItaly
The new Fondazione Di Vittorio (FDV) is the result of the gradual unification of a number of previous CGIL related institutes (ABT, IRES, ISF, SMILE) and is now going to become the Confederation’s only national institute both for historical, social, and economic research, and for trade union education and training. The aim is to put people and their rights back on the centre stage, along with their living and working conditions, their interests and the demands they express, linking all this to the values and ideals that make the CGIL one of the most important social and political entities in Italy. The FDV reaffirms and strengthens the centrality of its activities around the core issues of work and employment, economics and welfare. Based on studies, research and targeted surveys, it aims to develop proposals on the great issues affecting the country, organising public conferences and seminars to debate and rethink public policies, in collaboration with the other bodies in the Confederation at all sectoral and territorial levels.

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