• Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Investment & Finance
  • Staff26-50
  • HeadquartersPeru
  • Founded1994


FONDESURCO emerged in 1994 as an alternative financing for the economic activities of the people who carried out their agricultural activities in the departments of Arequipa and Moquegua, this initiative was led by the NGOs DESCO and CEDER who in the development of their activities identified these Unsatisfied needs. Vision "Leaders in Peru and global benchmark in financial services for rural development". Mission "Facilitate access to financial services for rural people to contribute to improving their quality of life." Values Customer orientation Their orientation is to satisfy the needs of their customers, that is why they listen to them, attend and anticipate their needs. Excellence They develop to the maximum of their capabilities to fulfill the promised, adding value and surpassing the expectations of their clients, associates, collaborators and suppliers. They achieve excellence through innovation, continuous improvement, learning and results orientation. Ethics Their decisions are based on moral principles, standards and procedures, which guarantee an environment of trust, respect, justice and transparency among their clients, partners, partners and suppliers.  Social responsability They act with socially responsible behavior regarding their clients, collaborators, communities and the environment with a philosophy of respect for laws and customs.   Commitment They are a team of people that goes beyond fulfilling their obligations, it is not enough to be involved, it is to always be willing to contribute for the achievement of common results. Strategic Orientation: Fondesurco focuses on four strategic axes, each of which defines the concentration and institutional priority in its intervention as a microfinance institution: Rural Fondesurco concentrates its intervention in the rural area because it is where the poverty is focused and the needs of access to the financing still lack to be covered long; Also because it has experience and the know how to do it in a sustainable way. Fondesurco considers as a rural population with less than 5 thousand inhabitants or 10 thousand including nearby annexes, populations with a clear predominance of agricultural activities, populations with limitations on access to public services and / or populations that lack adequate supply of financial services. Social Performance Fondesurco aligns its objectives, strategies and activities with its social mission; Every decision that is made is aimed at achieving a balance between financial and social results. Fondesurco, for 18 years, has implemented actions to achieve social inclusion, that is why it prioritizes access to credit to people excluded from the financial system, people living in poverty.  Innovation Fondesurco mainly serves clients with no credit experience and also develops their activities in remote rural areas and with many access limitations; This complex and adverse reality forces Fondesurco to have a proactive and creative attitude to overcome these limitations. Fondesurco intends to continue being the first microfinaciera to reach the rural markets, in granting the first credit to its clients; And through a process of continuous improvement in their products and processes to achieve their loyalty. Fondesurco classifies the innovations from three perspectives: market, products and processes; The first is to create or develop markets; The second to create products according to rural logic and customer needs; And the third to facilitate access to credit. Green Credits Fondesurco acts in a responsible way with the communities where it provides its services, that is why it develops credit products friendly with the care and conservation of the environment. Fondesurco has policies in favor of the care of the environment that is put into practice by its collaborators and is part of the demands on its customers.  
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Company Offices

  • Peru (headquarters)
  • Av. Republica de Aregentina Nro. 326 La Negrita