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Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres (FCAM)



  • Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersNicaragua
  • Founded2003
As of 2003, it is the first and only feminist fund in Central America to raise funds in support of the financial, political, fiscal, and emotional sustainability of groups, organizations, human right defenders, networks, and movements that work for the human rights of women and their communities. Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres works to build a world in which Central American women, in all their diversity, have their rights guaranteed, as they relate to personal security, physical and emotional well-being, and economic, social, and environmental justice. It also actively fosters their participation as leaders in the decision – making processes that affect their lives and their communities.  Its top priority is to build close, collaborative relationships based on mutual respect with our Partner Organizations, allies in joint initiatives, and donors. It  provids its Partner Organizations with flexible, multi-year general financial support, and they are the ones who define their agendas, priorities, and methods. It also provides opportunities for learning and institutional capacity building, and it facilitates encounters among organizations in order for them to get to know each other, find out what they have in common, and work together in alliances.

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  • Nicaragua (headquarters)
  • Managua
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