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For Life

For Life exists to bring life and lasting change to disabled children in Thailand. They work with their partner charity Christian Care Foundation for Children with Disabilities (CCD) in Thailand to transform the lives of over 600 disabled children, many of whom are abandoned and stigmatised because of their disabilities. Their key objectives are: 1. To provide financial aid for the disabled and abandoned children in South East Asia by raising funds for CCD. 2. To raise awareness for the plight of disabled children in Thailand and to educate the general public in the UK about disability in Thailand, and disability rights. 3. To screen and train volunteers to go to work with the children in Thailand. How they do this CCD and For Life achieve these objectives in the following ways: 1. They Run Day Care centres in the government institutions of Pakkred, Nonthaburi. In these instituations there are hundreds of children who have been abandoned due to poverty, cultural intolerance, neglect and lack of education. The scene on the wards of these institutions is one of despair. These children are living in utter poverty and depravity and are suffering the consequences of severe neglect and social institutionalisation. Each of the ‘wards’ has just 2-3 care-givers who only have enough time to feed, change nappies and give quick showers to the dozens of children in their charge. As a result the children are severely malnourished and exist without stimulation, education, healthcare or hope. They run day care centres in 4 of these homes, which are places of love, fun, stimulation and education. Each one of their centres is bright, colourful, full of games and excitement, but also places where the children can receive basic medical care, hygiene training, physiotherapy and occupational therapy according to their needs. They work with children with a massive range of disabilities from minor disabilities such as cleft pallets and missing limbs, to severe Cerebral Palsey or Dystonia, right through to Autism and other behavioural disabilities. 2. Rainbow House – they have purpose-built a specialist residential home for up to 50 children with disabilities. They seek to reunite them with their families and, where this is not possible, help prepare them for adoption to enable them to have a second chance in life. 3. Community-Based Rehabilitation – they work in some of the poorer provinces of Thailand with families of disabled children. They provide financial help, access to free physiotherapy, occupational therapy and specialist advice at their centres (now 4 in total), as well as doing home visits and parent empowerment seminars. They now also work in schools raising the general awareness of disability and helping to integrate the children from their centres into mainstream classrooms. 4. They are also developing vocational training for teenagers and young adults to increase their independence, employability, and chances of integrating into society. CCD has plans to build a new vocational training centre and independent living home opposite Rainbow House, and have already bought the land to do this. In the meanwhile, they run several assisted living homes in rented houses for young adults including Vision House. Here their teenagers and young adults can learn vital life skills such as cooking, budgeting, home skills, how to travel round and gain independence in wider society. CCD have also facilitated several advertising campaigns designed to reduce stigma surrounding disability and empower disabled people in communities. Statement of Faith For Life is a Christian organisation which seeks to reflect the love of God to everyone they work with and serve. They believe that human beings are created in the image of God and therefore, that every person has worth regardless of their physocal. mental or emotional state. Through their work they aim to proclaim the gospel by promoting justice and the love of Christ Jesus, and serving the needy with compassion.
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