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Foundation for Labor and Employment Promotion (HomeNet Thailand)

Network of home workers (Homeworkers) is a combination of home workers and non-governmental organizations in Bangkok, northern and northeastern regions since 1992 under the Social protection program for workers to do. home Which is run by the International Labor Organization (International Labor Organizations). After the end of the project in 1996, the network is still operating today. Which is known as "Informal labor network or Homenet Thailand" In 1997, a non-governmental organization working with the network jointly founded a study center and developed home-based contractors to support the network's operations. And researching various issues related to informal workers Including campaigning for pushing laws and social protection policies of informal workers Later in the year 2003 The center is registered as a legal foundation under the name "Foundation for Labor and Employment Development" and has the English name Foundation for Labor and Employment Promotion. However, general society is still familiar with the Foundation on behalf of Homenet. Thailand Objective The foundation's objective is to: improve the ability to manage the production and marketing of informal workers improve the strength of the informal labor network disseminate knowledge about rights And labor standards for informal workers. Promote and support social welfare and protection for informal workers. Campaign for legal protection. And policies for informal workers Strategic Operations The Foundation has formulated various operational strategies. In promotion and development Including a policy campaign to provide protection to informal workers as follows: Study and research To disseminate information of informal workers in society And use the results of the research to determine ways to promote, develop and campaign for the protection of informal workers Strengthening the potential of home-based workers in terms of grouping and occupation Promote and develop social protection in order to create security for informal workers. Campaign on policies and laws that promote and protect home workers and other informal workers.
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