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Foundation for Research in Health Systems (FRHS)

FRHS is committed to research and evidence-based approach to improving public health services in India. Over 25 years of research and development experience in the field public health; National wide reach and Over 25 professional from medical, health research, management sciences, IT and social sciences. FRHS mission is to develop and apply innovative approaches and models for improving decision making and management practices in health. FRHS focuses mainly on strengthening existing health systems through evaluation of ongoing programs and policies, we identify gaps. Using available evidence we recommend interventions. FRHS field practice area serves as a laboratory, for such interventions where their utility, relevance, and cost- effectiveness are tested. Work Areas Public Health Research Formative Research allows program managers and policy-makers to understand their communities better, in terms of people’s interests, characteristics and needs, as a way to improve program implementation. Evaluation ResearchIntervention Research involves testing new products or processes in the field, refining the intervention, and assessing the intervention in terms of its health impact in the community. Situation Analysis uses case studies and qualitative research methods to explore a specific issue, such as mother and child health, reproductive health, or reproductive health behavior of young people. Evaluation Research is undertaken to explore program implications of new policies such as decentralized health planning, community mobilization, and community monitoring. Information System & HMIS Information System involve deploying and testing new ICT technologies to facilitate efficient gathering and use of data by program managers. FRHS’s annual publication, “Health Monitor” compiles health-related data from various sources for the use of students and researchers.  Training & Capacity Building Invoves development and testing of training modules (both through traditional means and e-learning) based on gap in knowledge and practices identified through public health research and health system evaluations.
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