• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • HeadquartersNepal

Friends Affected and Infected Together in Hand (FAITH)

FAITH (Friends Affected and Infected Together in Hand) is a not for profit organization working on behalf of socially marginalized and vulnerable populations such as women living with HIV (WLHIV), female sex workers and female who use drugs. It is established in the year 2005 A.D. It is a women-led organization i.e. women are in decision making positions like in the executive board, as general members, in its secretariat. THEIR IDEAL They envision a world where each individual is able to exercise their fundamental rights free of coercion, stigma, discrimination, and violence. THEIR AMBITION They aim to serve as catalysts in shattering stigma attached to marginalised and minorities populations. THEIR BELIEFS Their work is guided and shaped by their core beliefs and commitments: Power of people – They believe in the power of people to bring social change to this world. An individual living with HIV, a professional sex worker, or a young woman, each has a unique potential to make positive and meaningful impact in this world. When these empowered individuals speak out and seek change, they put pressure on societies to respond to their experiences, accelerating societal transformations. Diversity – Thyey respect diversity and are committed to equality. Diversity enhances creativity, promotes innovation and challenges the way they think. Their experience demonstrates that just and sustained decisions are possible when individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences are seated around the table, particularly those that are most impacted by such decisions. Community – They are witness to the value of communities where inspired individuals are unified by a shared vision for the future and support each other in achieving it. Organisations or groups of people working together can gain control over factors that shape their lives and create powerful visions and strategies for change. Dialogue – They recognise the importance of dialogue, a basic tenet of democracy and lasting peace. Dialogue demands that they become better listeners – willing to show empathy towards one another, recognise differences and search for common ground. In their work, sustainable solutions to seemingly intractable conflicts have been achieved through open and honest dialogue.
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Company Offices

  • Nepal (headquarters)
  • Kupondole,Lalitpur, Nepal