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Funder (Fundacion para el Desarrollo Empresarial Rural)

Honduras is the Latin American country with the highest poverty rate, where 64.5% of the country's households live below the poverty line and 42.6% in extreme poverty (less than $ 2.5 a day), according to data. to 2013 from the World Bank. In rural areas approximately 6 out of 10 households are in extreme poverty and the largest number of poor people live in rural areas and depend on agriculture for their livelihood. For the reasons stated above, the Foundation for Rural Business Development (FUNDER) was established to improve the living conditions of the rural Honduran population through entrepreneurial mechanisms that allow the inclusion and financial sustainability of rural families as well as the environmental sustainability of their respective environments. To achieve its respective mandate, the Foundation has managed support (financial and non-financial) under different mechanisms and sources for the successful execution of projects with real and measurable impacts on rural communities; mechanisms and sources such as: Donations, International Cooperation Funds, Volunteering, Generation of Local Resources (including savings) in rural communities to promote their own development, and Strategic Alliances with private companies, In itself, the Foundation for Rural Business Development (FUNDER), is a private institution, with legal personality and its own patrimony, apolitical, non-profit, provides its services without any discrimination on the grounds of race, sex, political ideology, religion or any other cause. Its statutes were approved by the Executive Power through the Ministry of the Interior and Justice, according to Resolution Number 051-97 of February 26, 1997 and amended by Resolution Number 435-2002 of November 26, 2002, published in the Official Gazette. The Gazette of January 20, 2003; and Resolution No. 1-2012 of February 14, 2012 of the Secretary of the Interior and Population (SEIP), published in the Official Gazette La Gaceta No. 32,768 of March 9, 2012.    
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