• Organization TypeIndependent/None
  • Founded1962

Ganta United Methodiist Hospital (UMCOR)

The Ganta United Methodist Hospital is administered by the United Methodist Church of Liberia.  The hospital was established in 1926 by Dr. George Way Harley, a Methodist Missionary from North Carolina, the USA. What began as a rural health post has today grown to a regional referral hospital. Ganta Hospital is located in Nimba County. The primary catchment area of the hospital is Ganta and its environs, which includes portions of Guinea Forest Region with catchment area about 70 kilometers radius. Because Ganta falls within the population belt of northcentral Liberia, about 60% of the residents of Nimba County are beneficiaries of their health care programs. Thus, the hospital has an estimated catchment population of approximately 277,215 (60% of population of Nimba County 462,026). Ganta Hospital is the major referral health institution in theircatchment area. Also in Nimba County, there exists a hospital in Sanniquellie (about 30 kilometers from Ganta Hospital) with a capacity of less than 30 beds, a comprehensive health center in Saclepea (40 kilometers away, 60 bed capacity), three small clinics in Ganta, and a referral hospital in Tappita (97 kilometers distance from Ganta Hospital). Their Vision To be the clear first choice for health care by offering targeted programs and services at affordable costs to improve the lives of those they  serve in their catchment communities and beyond. Mission Statement Ganta United Methodist Hospital is a ministry dedicated to prepare men and women who are called and set aside by the Holy Spirit to reach out in love to teach, heal and serve the community to reach and maintain physical and spiritual wholeness.
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