• Organization TypeService Providers
  • Founded1990

Gea Grupo de Economistas y Asociados (GEA)

About Founded in 1990 by a multidisciplinary group of specialists with top-notch experience in both the private and public sectors, GEA has become a benchmark for the highest quality and reliability in the Mexican political and economic consulting market. The Group develops analysis and consulting activities. The purpose of GEA is to provide comprehensive information and analysis, useful for strategic planting and decision making of companies and public and private organizations, both in Mexico and abroad. GEA carries out two types of activities: On the one hand, it offers subscribers various periodic information and economic, political and labor analysis services. The Group develops analyzes of the national and international economy, as well as specific markets with a sectoral focus. The analysis is conceived as a multidisciplinary exercise, which highlights the qualitative prospective elements and quantitative projections. On the other hand, GEA carries out consulting and project development activities. In addition to performing them in its three main fields (economic, political and labor), the Group has professional resources to deal with financial matters, investment evaluation, foreign trade, anti-competitive and unfair trade practices, as well as statistical and social, as well as opinion polls, and studies among others.  
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Company Offices

  • Mexico
  • Alvaro Obregon
  • Av. Miguel Ángel de Quevedo Nº 8 Piso 7, Col. Hacienda de Guadalupe Chimalistac