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GearJump Technologies

THEIR MISSION From Idea Conceptualization to Product Development & Commercial Realization GearJump started with the simple idea of developing technology platforms capable of improving the way Active Ingredients are delivered into the environment. They develop the next generation of advanced controlled release solutions that maximize efficacy and significantly reduce environmental toxicity. Their vision is to focus on big social impact globally by leveraging breakthrough controlled delivery technologies for the fields of public health, agriculture and animal protection. They strive to introduce disruptive technologies to reduce the burden of vector-borne diseases and agricultural vectors. Their delivery platforms operate at various scales from nanoparticles to wearable and field use devices for household and agriculture applications and further up to UAV applications. GearJump Technologies has a problem-centric approach in designing disruptive technologies based on fundamental science: They first identify the need, and then focus on the fundamental physics and materials science to bring about unique, innovative solutions that address the real core problem. They research end users' usages, as well as their economies of scale to provide cost-effective, scalable products. GearJump works with research and industry leaders, and has received support from multiple government agencies, and non-for-profit organizations in the fields of Public Health, Vector Control, AgTech. They are currently running several trials across the globe, including: North America, Latin America, Africa, South East Asia, and Australia.
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