• Organization TypeService Providers
  • HeadquartersAlbania
  • Founded2008

GEN-I Tirana

GEN-I Tirana was founded in 2008, in line with the Group’s plan for expansion into the electricity markets of South-Eastern Europe. GEN-I Tirana has since become one of the most important market participants in the country, as well as a key supplier to eligible industrial customers. GEN-I Tirana is a part of the GEN-I Group, one of the leading and fastest growing energy trading and sales groups in Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe. GEN-I Group: Operating in more than 20 countries they connect Germany and France in the West, to Georgia and Turkey in the East. Their global presence in wholesale energy markets enables them to formulate a number of synergies via their extensive market expertise, highly qualified trading personnel, efficient organization, and business processes that are maintained to the highest standards. With subsidiaries in 16 countries they strive to maintain the right balance between global trading and local supply activities. One of their key advantages is based on a fresh, flexible and innovative approach that enables them to maintain reliable partnerships in wholesale and retail energy markets. They traded 42.7 TWh electricity with physical deliveries and an additional 7.2 TWh of financial derivatives. Furthermore, they delivered 4.4 TWh of electricity on all retail markets. They have increased their natural gas trading to 4.9 TWh of financial derivatives and 1.8 TWh of physical deliveries. They delivered 1.4 TWh of gas to business clients and small consumers. 38.9% average annual growth of sales They are the leading electricity trader on the markets of Central, Eastern and South-eastern Europe and becoming a more and more important player on the liquid markets of Western Europe. Revenue growth 44.3% average annual growth in revenues between 2008 and 2016 makes  them one of the fastest growing companies on the European energy market. 1.582 bill. EUR revenue They create added value through the entire energy value chain by exploiting optimization opportunities arising from global portfolio management activities. Their extensive knowledge of the physical and financial wholesale markets enables them to minimize their price exposure while offering competitive conditions. Market Share In eight countries they are the leading company by market share for cross-border flows. They had: -20% of total available cross-borders capacities on the borders of Central and South-East European electricity markets in 2016. -23.2% share of the end-customer electricity market in 2016 and for the fourth year in a row the largest supplier of electricity in Slovenia. -19% of Slovenian household natural gas market was achieved in less than four months, resulting in the most successful switch rate ever recorded in Europe. End-customers 186,000 end-customers GEN-I was the first independent company to enter the household electricity market in Slovenia and Croatia, as well as being the first independent company to enter Slovenia’s gas market. Furthermore, GEN-I was the first foreign company to enter the Serbian retail market. They offer their customers electricity and gas security of supply and provide significant savings in energy costs. Excellent user experience is ensured through easy and free switching, advanced web solutions for managing subscription and always transparent accounts. Affordable energy Easy switching of supplier, savings in costs and reliable supply for households and business customers. Innovative Business Model -24/7 trading Commited to create business opportunities. -Advanced solutions A reliable partner for advanced services and structured products. -Advanced analytical models Market fundamentals modelling, including influences of cross-border  capacities, power plants production, demand, weather influences etc.
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