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Georgian Industrial Group (GIG)

With 4000 employed staff Georgian Industrial Group (GIG) is one of the largest industrial groups in Georgia. The business of GIG has been expanding quite steadily over the last years by means of acquisitions but also through organic growth e.g. by construction of new generation facilities such as hydropower plants. Over the last few years they accelerated growth in areas such as energy trading and they prepared the ground to reach more than 1000 MW in installed electric power generation capacity as well as a market share in Georgian electricity generation of some 25 to 30 % within the next 3 to 4 years. GIG has a diversified business portfolio with a clear focus on the energy sector including the following: Electricity generation and trading: the group owns and operates thermal and hydropower plants with a total installed capacity of 662 MW.  A 300 MW coal fired power plant with modern CFB combustion technology is currently under reconstruction. The group furthermore has some 70 MW of hydro and wind energy facilities under planning and development. Overall GIG accounts for some 20% market share in electricity generation of Georgia. GIG and it’s subsidiaries are the largest electricity trader in Georgia handling export/import, transit and swap transactions with all of its neighboring countries. CNG refueling and natural gas trading: Under its brand NEOGAS owns and operates a large network of CNG refueling stations across Georgia.  Besides, GIG is involved in regional gas trade and wholesale trading in Georgia. Preparatory works are underway to explore and commercialize the abundant coal bed methane potential of their coal deposits. GIG are also involved in commercial real estate, construction materials, beverages and metal works. The largest subsidiaries and affiliated companies of GIG are Georgian International Energy Corporation (GIEC), Mtkvari Energy, Tiflis Group, Globaltrans . GIG places utmost importance on developing and attracting highly qualified and motivated professionals which at the end of the day make a difference in competition and successful long-term development by spotting business opportunities, setting the right priorities, focusing on results and acting fast. The group has undergone organizational restructuring so that functionalities, structures and roles are well defined and understood by all employees. GIG’s strategy is aimed at increasing the market shares by focusing on their core business in the energy sector (electricity, coal, gas and renewables) while constantly improving financial performance. GIG is committed to transparency and compliance. Consequently, its largest subsidiaries are annually audited by firms such as Deloitte & Touche, Ernst &Young or BDO. Last but not least GIG is a socially and environmentally responsible group of companies which donates to and supports social, cultural and regional initiatives. 
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Company Offices

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