• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Founded2012

Ghana Alliance for Clean Cooking (GHACCO)

The Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels (GHACCO) was initiated in March 2012 by twenty-three (23) stakeholder representatives of Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), NGOs, Private Producers, Distributors, Financial Institutions, Researchers, Grass root practitioners, Marketers, Donor Agencies and Partners to promote coordination, information sharing and enhance capacity development among stakeholders, particularly actors in the cookstove sector in Ghana. The Ghana Alliance for Clean Cookstoves and Fuels (GHACCO) has been established as a strong stakeholder platform to lead the front to catalyze a revolution in the cookstove sector and mobilize high level national and donor commitments towards the goal of universal adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels in Ghana. The network has an overriding target to foster the adoption of clean cookstoves and fuels by 4 million households in Ghana and distributing 5 million cookstoves by 2020. Mission Promote partnerships among members of the alliance and other actors to ensure synergy in influencing policies and stimulating actions that contribute to a vibrant cookstove industry and sustainable utilization of biomass. Vision A vibrant cookstoves sector, where actors influence policies and actions to promote adequate access to clean cookstoves and efficient utilization of biomass. Objectives of GHACCO - To support the development of a thriving national market for clean cookstoves - To create a platform for enhancing capacity development of members and promoting best practices in the cookstoves sector. - To mobilize resources for actors in the sector to upscale the production and distribution of clean cookstoves. - To strengthen coordination, innovative ideas, influence policy and enhance information sharing among members, the state sector to upscale the production and distribution of clean an improved cookstoves. - Create a collective voice for actors in the clean cookstoves sector - Promote awareness and raise the profile of the sector’s positive work in Ghana at the international level - Standardize issues in production, operations, implementation, technical requirements of product quality and services in the cookstoves sector. - Sensitize and educate citizens on the benefits and importance of using clean cookstoves.
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Strategic Support to the Clean Cooking Sector

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) - The Netherlands, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)