• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Founded2001

Gi.Ma.Co. Costruzioni

The company today The company GI.MA.CO. COSTRUZIONI Srl was founded on May 19, 2001 in Delebio (SO). Since then - and despite the complex economic situation of the last decade - the company has experienced steady growth, as witnessed by the increase in turnover, year after year and always positive forecasts. From 2001 to today, GI.MA.CO. COSTRUZIONI Srl has built civil and industrial buildings, urbanization works, railway lines, roads, bridges and viaducts. CIVIL AND INDUSTRIAL WORKS They carry out civil and industrial works of medium and large dimensions, paying particular attention to quality as a prerequisite for safety; they take care of the restructuring and securing of pre-existing works. INFRASTRUCTURE They create and re-qualify public and private infrastructures for road conditions, road and motorway interconnections; they carry out primary and secondary urbanization works for commercial areas. REAL ESTATE ACTIVITIES They build and renovate public and private buildings for residential, exhibition and commercial use; they carry out redevelopment works for individual buildings and residential architectural complexes.
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Company Offices

  • Italy
  • Delebio
  • Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1 / b -