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Global Americans

Too often and for too long, Latin America and the Caribbean have been studied and analyzed in terms of policy as a separate, isolated geographic unit. While there are reasons for this, including academic regional studies programs, shared languages, the structure of policymaking bureaucracies, and history, the tendency to view Latin America and the Caribbean in isolation of world policy and under the shadow of U.S. hegemony is anachronistic. Not only that, it also risks missing some of the most important policy questions (and answers) in the region today. Latin America has gone global. Governments across the region are asserting their diplomatic autonomy and building trade, political and diplomatic alliances all over the world. At the same time, the rise of the Global South has created a new host of networks and partners that are challenging the post-World War II and post-Cold War order in multilateral organizations, the balance of power, international norms, and economic models and arrangements. As evidenced by trade with countries such as China and India and the plans to create a TransPacific Partnership (TPP) free trade agreement, the region is deepening its ties to economies and political systems outside the Western Hemisphere and gaining greater autonomy for the pursuit of self-defined national interests. Correspondingly, there is a need to broaden analysis and discussion of the Americas within a global context. The newly established non-profit, Global Americans and its website www.TheGlobalAmericans.org seek to provide that platform and space. Global Americans will conduct research and analysis on various topics, such as democracy and human rights (including LGBT rights), social inclusion, social investment and violence in Central America, and the foreign policies of the region. Global Americans research will also help to create advocacy tools for activists in the region. Their website will provide a platform not only for their research and analysis, but also for the opinions and analysis of a wide range of scholars and activists. They like to think of the website as a Project Syndicate (which they highly recommend) for the Americas. Global Americans will also specialize in providing analysis and opinions about the Americas from leading scholars written and packaged for policy impact and popular debate. The goal is to offer readers and the media regular, evidence-based and research-driven analysis and opinion in key areas and topics affecting the Americas and its role in the world, including democracy and human rights, international economics, social inclusion, crime and violence, and foreign affairs. Articles and editorials from their experts and activists are written and edited for popular audiences, distilling research and in-depth analysis into easy-to-read short, opinion pieces. In addition to being posted on the Global Americans website, through its relationship with Grupo de Diarios America and other media, select pieces are republished in newspapers throughout the region. Please bookmark us and sign up for regular e-mail updates to receive their  expert analyses delivered to your mailbox.
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