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Global Forum on Sustainable Energy (GFSE) is a neutral multi-stakeholder platform which is facilitating international dialogue on energy for sustainable development by taking into accounts the special interests and challenges of developing countries. GFSE aims at the establishment of a sustainable world energy system from a social, economic and environmental perspective. GFSE contributes to both international discourse and information dissemination on sustainable energy. The multi-stakeholder platform plays a crucial role in facilitating sustainable energy projects by bringing together donors, investors and project developers. Their interaction creates new opportunities and enhances existing initiatives in the field of sustainable energy. Spheres of Activity GFSE operates at the intersection of international energy discourse and diplomacy with practical project-oriented work in the field. Beside feeding into the international energy discourse, raising awareness and disseminating information, GFSE is ready to undertake a more practical role in facilitating energy-related initiatives and projects. GFSE activities can be grouped into three categories - networking, dissemination of information and facilitation of project initiatives.  GFSE is a networking agent The Global Forum on Sustainable Energy interacts and networks with other energy initiatives and organizations in the energy field and thereby enhances synergies and complementarities. GFSE has been playing an active role in bringing together several energy-related initiatives, launched at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002 in Johannesburg. So far, two meetings took place with representatives of the various partnerships. A general interest in gaining access to substantive information on the work of the different partnerships has been voiced, and GFSE was considered a suitable platform to carry the dialogue of energy-related initiatives forward in close contact with UN-DESA. GFSE informs on sustainable energy GFSE prepares and initiates events devoted to the promotion and dissemination of particular energy technologies in the context of sustainable development advancement.  GFSE facilitates project initiatives GFSE fosters partnerships and facilitates energy for sustainable development initiatives. It supports private-public partnerships by presenting opportunities and identifying investment/partnership possibilities.   GFSE initiates projects by: - Bringing together energy stakeholders from developing and developed countries - Attracting international investors and raising funds for sustainable energy projects - Bridging Austrian environmental target achievements with sustainable energy investments

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