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Global Responsibility

Within a globalized environment, where economies, political systems, information technologies and development opportunities interact, and where threats, conflicts and world proportions challenge, Global Responsibility Global Solidarity promotes civic humanism as a world alternative, based on the dignity of the human person and their responsible and free projection into the communities where political, economic and social life takes place. It is about an alternative coming from the best traditions of the West and enriched with relevant additions from contemporary thought. From classic authors such as Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Edmund Burke and Hannah Arendt, to contemporary figures such as Alejandro Llano, Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor and Amitai Etzioni, the proposals of humanist political thought enrich ideas, options, points of view, and ways to tackle questions of the human person and their dignity, liberty, family, equity and justice, migration, work, the market, the media, the environment, and political participation. From a humanist perspective, to think and act in today’s society implies reckoning the proposals of several modern thinkers on political systems with the ideas that prevailed in the twentieth century, and projecting these to their days. To Karl Popper or Isaiah Berlin’s criticisms regarding totalitarian and authoritarian ideologies’ threats to liberty, they can propose as a mirror those of Giovanni Sartori, Harold Bloom or Italo Calvino opposing the trivialization of the social, the empire of consumerism, the decline of the humanities, and the poverty of the intellect as educated by the media. The person as the centerpiece of politics within the framework of a state guarantor of liberty; the person as the centerpiece of economics within the framework of a market-generated prosperity; the person as the centerpiece of a culture that promotes information, communication, formation and education as tools of a life full, free, responsible and transcendent: thus they can describe the humanist proposal of Global Responsibility Global Solidarity that they wish to promote across the world.
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