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Global Rights Advocates for Sustainable Justice



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The work of Global Rights is motivated by our vision of a just society worldwide built on the fundamental principles of human rights. We help local activists create just societies through strategies for effecting change. Their Mission Global Rights challenges injustice and amplifies the voices of grassroots activiststo promote, protect, and fulfill human rights. Hand in hand and side by side, we work with individuals and groups to: • At the community level, build knowledge, skill and advocacy expertise for those with the greatest vulnerability and need for parity of opportunity for all • Gain access to resources and decision making bodies • Become participants in democratic life through an on-going continuum of education, skill development and feeling of vested interest to create social change Their vision Their vision is a just society for all built on the universal principles of human rights and guaranteed by access to justice. Their Core Beliefs Human rights cultures are built by individuals and groups whose rights are threatened, suppressed or do not exist. They are strengthened by allied organizations such as ours, working collaboratively, creatively and with integrity. They  believe that social change begins at the community level and gains effectiveness through partnership with people who share similar needs, values and expertise. They are guided by a strong commitment to equality and diversity in our work to build social and legal change that is long-term and sustainable.

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