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Global to Local (G2L)

Global to Local develops programs and interventions to improve health, lower the cost of care, and empower underserved communities across the country. Communities affected by health disparities are diverse and wide-spread: women, people of color or poverty, immigrants and refugees, and exist both in rural and urban spaces. The objective is to adapt programs on a local level, share the learnings, and replicate the work across organizations and clinics nation-wide. In the U.S. G2L frequently associate healthcare with big MRI machines and surgery, often overlooking social determinants of health, such as behavior and environment, as critical contributors to poor health. Sustainable health, however, relies on functioning social and physical environments that work in concert with clinical care. After over six years of listening to Washington communities and partnering with global health experts, they have constructed a framework for adapting global health strategies in the own backyard. Key learnings from global health include: Activate local community leadership. Use technology to overcome barriers and increase access to care. Generate campaigns around community-identified health issues. Empower community-based organizations. Link health with economic development. Link clinical care with public health and social services. Global to Local was founded by healthcare and public health professionals seeking a new approach to community health in the US. Launched by global health groups, community organizations and city agencies, the work began as a simple concept: to adapt global health strategies to underserved communities in the US. In 2010, G2L launched the first of several pilot programs designed to specifically meet the needs of communities in SeaTac and Tukwila, Washington. It was clear early on that health outcomes of residents in these communities were markedly different from neighboring communities. Along the way, G2L served more than 12,000 individuals while testing over 10 programs tailored to meet the needs of the community outside a doctor’s office. Today, Global to Local stands as a model for replication, bringing a world of opportunities to the U.S. communities.
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