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Groundwork USA is the only network of local organizations devoted to transforming the natural and built environment of marginalized communities — a national enterprise with local roots, working at the intersection of the environment, equity and civic engagement.   They are committed to: pursuing a future in which everyone’s neighborhood environment is green, healthy and resilient, undoing legacies of poverty and racial discrimination, and breaking the trend of widening disparity between communities that are enjoying a renaissance and communities that are experiencing disinvestment, neglect, and deepening poverty. They believe in leading by doing. They seek to broaden participation by producing tangible improvements in people’s lives, staying positive, and learning at every step of the way. MISSION The mission of the Groundwork USA network is to bring about the sustained regeneration, improvement, and management of the physical environment by developing community-based partnerships that empower people, businesses, and organizations to promote environmental, economic, and social well-being. VISION EQUITABLE COMMUNITIES, EQUITABLE DEVELOPMENT Everyone deserves a green, healthy, and resilient neighborhood environment. Development processes reach that goal through inclusion, meaningful community engagement, and collaboration. A STRONG NETWORK Groundwork USA is a vibrant national network with local roots. Learning from and supporting one another, their Trusts undertake the best work anywhere to improve the built and natural environment in communities that would otherwise be left behind. A NEW GENERATION OF LEADERS Youth in Groundwork communities are emerging environmental leaders. Their potential is realized by meeting them “where they are,” respecting their knowledge and insight, and building enduring relationships.

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